How does Dateleaf work for me?

Have you ever wanted your time to be better organized?

At, we know how you feel and we decided to do something about it. With calendars, you can manage your personal and professional relationships using simple, easy to use tools.

With a free account at, you can share a calendar with your family. Each family member can have their own calendar and share it with other members of the family, making it easy for everyone in the family to stay informed and involved. Ever plan a surprise party or last minute dinner for your spouse but didn't realize they already had plans? Our goal is to give you the tools so that problems like that don't happen. can meet your organizational needs. Be it planning for work or fun, is the tool for you!

Creating a account provides you with access to all of our great features. It's fast, easy and free and you can get started right away.

Create calendars for all your needs! You can make as many as you like. You can always sort them by importance or delete them completely. Do you want one calendar for everything? You can do that. Do you want a calendar for your workouts, a calendar for birthdays, a calendar for annivesaries and a calendar for work? You can do that too!

At, you have three ways to classify your information: Keep it private, share it with chosen people or share it with the world.

1. Set an access code for your calendar! Access codes work just like a password. People who have the access code may not edit your calendar. They may only view your content. When you change your content, they see the changes!

2. Share your calendars by Dateleaf user name(s). Simply click the Sharing button and send your calendar to your friends! Your friends must have a account to enjoy this feature. You can specify who can edit your calendars and who may only read.

3. Make your calendar public. Setting your calendar public will allow anyone to view that calendar with or without a Dateleaf account. Public calendars are great for publicizing schedules for your charity, sports team, volunteering event or any public event. Your event can be geared towards a few people or the whole world! Your viewers will not be able to modify your calendarr in any way with public sharing! We, here at, respect your privacy, and by default, your calendars are set private.

Need to subscribe to another users calendar? Subscribe to their calendar with their user name and calendar name. The owner of the calendar can grant or deny your access.

In order to make viewing calendars and networking with your friends easier, allows you to set your time zone and then automatically adjusts into whatever timezone you choose.

Your friends don't have an account? Sharing with them is easy too! comes with an email feature that will allow you to send the URL of your calendar to them in an email. Your friends will be able to enjoy your calendars too!

What are you waiting for? Create a free account today!

1. Register!

Registration is simple.You only need your name and email address, all other entries are optional but we recommend them so that you can get the most out of the site. Picking your timezone will show your events correctly where you are and from anywhere else in the world too. You can also change your information in the Settings area at any time.

2. Create calendars!

Create calendars and add events. Once registered, we start you off with three popular starter calendars for "Birthdays", "Personal", and "Work." Add, delete or edit the calendars as you please and make as many more as you like for other things.

3. Share with your friends!

Share with your friends, family, and coworkers! If you want, you can even give them permission to modify and add to the events on your calendars.

Not sure what you may need a calendar for? Let us help you get started!

Use for for all sorts of things!

For work!

Our calendars can help you get organized around the office. Use a calendar to keep track of billable hours for your individual clients. Share that calendar with them so that they are always aware of the progress. You can set it up so each time an event is modified, people you choose will get an e-mail about it. Your clients can always be in the loop with these great tools.

For family!

Get your family on the same page! Keep track of your busy family with a calendar. No one has to get left out of plans if everyone keeps their schedules up to date. Soccer practice, trips to the theatre, upcoming vacations or doctors appointments can be tracked for your whole family from anywhere in the world. Set reminders for important events to give everyone notice of things to come. Set up a calendar for your household tasks like changing the batteries on the smoke alarms or cleaning the gutters and have it send you an e-mail to remind you when it's time.

Run a small business?

We've got you covered! Keep your shift schedules on a dateleaf calendar that's shared with your employees. Everyone can easily see the schedule from wherever they are in the world. For your employees, they'll never have to call in again to check when their next shift is since they can get it online from your calendar at any time. Keep track of when inventory needs to be performed or other tasks that aren't done every day. All your employees will be on the same page with your business needs!

Going on vacation?

Make a calendar for your itinerary and send it to clients and co-workers so they know when they can best reach you. Allow your associates write privileges, and they can leave notes and memos on your calendar. To help ensure the safety of your home, please make sure you trust the people that have access to any calendar that indicates when you are not going to be at home.

School can get hectic!

Organize your assignments with a calendar. Record your assignments in a calendar and share it with your classmates, or if you're a teacher, with your students. Allow your classmates writing access as well, so that they may edit or add assignments you may have overlooked! You can even set up reminders to give you warning on when those assignments are going to be due.

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