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DateLeaf is for all those who care about not letting have their private stuff out on the Internet. It’s for those netizens who value privacy.

Dateleaf is the result of a vision to provide a platform that allows users to socialize on their terms. It allows for interactions within private groups remain private. It also allows you to publich public pads and interact with your vistors. You interact with different groups of people from different aspects of your life very differently. Your degree and level of privacy varies with each aspect. We at DateLeaf understand this and let you build social networks that are as private or public as you desire. You are empowered to create networks and grant permissions on a need to know basis.

It’s easy to keep interactions with coworkers or clients or sales prospects truly professional separate from the conversations with family and friends. Managing your life and enjoying your interactions with your individual groups was never more fun and easier. Dateleaf is what you have been missing in interacting with your social groups with confidence.! Go to How It Works to get an idea of how it’s done.

Come on-board! Socialize, share and collaborate. We would love to hear from you!

DateLeaf Inc. is a California corporation based in Santa Clara CA.

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