Frequently Asked Questions

At DateLeaf, after you create an account, you are set up with some default networks, such as friends, blurbs and personal. The 'blurbs' network is public. Use it post your public announcements. You can also get tweets into this network by connecting to twitter. The 'personal network is private. You can add members to this network. Use to for private communication among members. The friends network is for friends. Whatever you post here is shared with friends. You can see all friends activity on friends pad. Apart from these, you can create as many networks as you wish each with different private settings. They can be as private or as public as you wish.

Everyone has different people they interact with. What we share with family is not what we share with coworkers or business associates, for example. For most people, this is a real issue about how to get some controlon sharing things selectively. Some information, images etc. we share with friends and family may be quite inappropriateto share with others. If you are a person who cares about your privacy, it's important to share selectively so you have a controlon who has access to what pieces of information about you. If you care about such issues, private social networks are exactly whatyou may be missing so far, the kind DateLeaf offers!

At DateLeaf, your networks are named conveniently as a dot-pair of username.networkname. if your loginname is "myname", your networks are addresses as myname.ptamembers or myname.project etc.

Your networks can be accessed directly as

We suggest that you share things on a need-to-know basis.

Keep the family photos in the family network and allow access only to family members. For work related things keep separate networks depending on the work and people involved. This way you can selectivelykeep the information flow and not expose your contacts to competitors (check Hide friends below).
The Blurbs network enables you to communicate to the world things you are comfortable revelaing to anyone.
DateLeaf gives you tools to be able to interact with your social networks on your terms. Get your peace of mind!
*new You can connect to twitter and get your tweets right into Blurbs. Every time you announce it on blurbs, You can also tweet.
Yes, your account is free! You may access all of our current features & services without paying any charge. Our service is supported by advertising.
When you join a network you are seen by the viewers as a member of the network. Also, the network owner can not deactivate a network when there are members on the network.
Blurbs network is added to your starting set of networks and it is 'public' by default. Any posts you make here are visible on the Internet to anybody. You can post short messages for your visitors to view. You can now connect to twitter and get your tweets in blurbs network.
This can not be done on the networks page yet. We have the code but we don't have it together.
You can use twitter login to login into Dateleaf. We suggest you to take up a Dateleaf login name to become full fledged dateleaf user. Once you pick up a login name, you can create private , public networks, calendars and do lot more.
Click on "t" icon. Finish twitter authorization process to get your tweets. The other option is to click on "blurbs" tab. Then click on "Get your tweets" button to proceed