1. Is my DateLeaf.com account free?

Yes, your DateLeaf.com account is free! You may access all of our current features & services without paying any charge. Our service is supported by advertising.

2.How do I sign up?

To sign up with DateLeaf.com, click on the Sign up link on the home page. You need to create a user name and password and provide a valid email address which you will use to log into the site. Once you have created an account, we will send an email to your account confirming your registration.

3.Why do I have to sign up?

To provide you with a personalized experience, allow you access to all of our site features, and help you store your information, you need to sign up with DateLeaf.com. Once signed up, you can access all of our features. We encourage all of our members to review our Privacy Policy, as well, so that you understand how we respect your personal information.

4. How do I change my personal information?

Once you log in to your account, click on the Account Settings on the top right hand corner of the page. Click on the general tab to - Add/change your name, your country and other location settings and even your timezone. You may also change the setting for calendar views on the General tab.

5. What happens once I create an account?

Once your account is created, you are directed to the login page. After logging in, you are directed to the Chatpad page. On chatpad, you will see the four default networks of "announce", "family", "friends" and "work" created for you. These networks except "announce" are private networks. The announce is a public network. What you post here is for the world to see. This is where you may post short messages, links, bookmarks, youtube video links etc for anyone who visits your profile at DateLeaf.

6. How can I create a network?

On the chatpad page, click on "Add Network" menu item in the left panel. Type the network name in the panel that opens to create the network. make sure you don't already have a network by that name.

7. How can I edit a calendar name?

To edit the calendar name, click on the button next to the calendar you want to edit and click on the calendar name in the window that opens. Don't forget to click on save!

8. How can I delete a calendar? (Note: once deleted, all the events saved in the calendar will also be deleted).

You can delete a calendar by clicking on the Delete calendar tab under Add/Subscribe calendar(s). Simply type the calendar name and click on 'Delete Calendar'.

9. What is meant by calendar sharing?

You can provide access (read only, write or administer) to a calendar that you author. A read permission enables the subscriber to only read the calendar, write access enables him/her to add and modify events to your calendar. An administrative privilege enables the person to add, delete users and enable access. You may need more administrators if your calendar is high traffic and a lot of administration is needed. Users with write and administrator priveledges must have a DateLeaf.com user name.

10. What is private /public in calendar settings?

A public calendar can be viewed/subscribed (for read only) by any user of DateLeaf.com whether registered or not. If the calendar has any personal information, it's generally not a good idea to make it public. A private calendar is not generally available to public unless access is provided by password or by specific access to selected people via the sharing options.

11. How can I see current settings or edit the calendar settings to make it public/private?

Click on the button next to the calendar you want to edit the settings. Then click on share calendar. It will show you the current setting. To change the setting, select the appropriate icon. You can also add password protection.

12. What is password protection under calendar settings?

A calendar can be accessed/subscribed (for read only) by a user if she/he knows the password to the calendar. You can always change the password and the current subscribers will need to know the new password to continue to view the calendar.

13. How can I change Calendar views?

You can change calendar views by selecting from the View secton near the top left of the calendar.. Monthly view is the default. To change the view, click Weekly, Weekday. Day or Agenda.

14. How do I create an event?

You can create an event by clicking on any cell in the calendar. Then fill in the details in the Event Details Box pop up. Click Save when you are done. You can always come back and modify the event information by clicking the event in the calendar.

15. How do I modify an event?

Click on the event info. Modify the fields in Event Details pop up and click Save when done.

16. What are aliases & how do I create/edit/delete an alias?

DateLeaf.com lets you create upto 4 aliases. This is a great feature for spies and blackops members. Ok, so it's probably not that good for spies or blackops, but with an alias, you can create separate calendars and manage their individual settings. To manage aliases, click on the Account link on the top right hand corner of the page and then click on the Manage Aliases tab. Here, you can modify, create & delete aliases.

17. How can I add a user to my calendar?

1. Click on calendar options

2. Select 'Share Calendar' tab

3. Go to Friends Access section

4. Add your friends DateLeaf user name to allow either read only access or write access.

5. Press Save

18. Why do my events seem to be split between days?

If your event was created in one timezone and then you changed to a different timezone, your event might span multiple days. If you use the "All Day" checkbox, your event will stay on only one day, no matter what timezone your calendar is viewed in.

19. If I add an event in my timezone, will it show up correctly for people in other timezones that I share my calendar with?

Yes, it will. No matter what time you schedule your event for, it will always update to show in the correct timezone at the same times, no matter where in the world you are.

20. What happens when I change the timezone?

When you change your timezone, it updates all events to reflect the new timezone.

21. Can my friends add to or edit my events?

No. If your friends are invited as a writer to your calendar, they can add/edit their own events, but they will not be able to edit items that other people post.

22. Can I share my birthday calendars with friends and family?

Yes, you can share any calendar with your friends, family, coworkers, students or anyone else you like. If you need to move your birthday calendars around, you can use the export function to add it to other calendars you're sharing or using for private use.

23. How many people can I share my calendar with?

There is no limit to how many people you can share with. Share it with your closest friend or your closest thousand friends or the whole world!

25. Can I use the DateLeaf calendar for my class, team or association?

Sure! That's what DateLeaf calendars are meant for. Use them for your students, teachers, volunteering projects, parent teacher associations, home owners association, convention planning, anytime you would need a calendar, dateleaf.com is perfect.

26. Why doesn't my calendar description show up?

If you are displaying more than one calendar, for instance when you first come to the calendar page, the descriptions for the individual calendars will not show up. To get a description to show up, choose a specific calendar by clicking on its tab. You can then click on the "Show calendar description" text to see your description. Public calendars will display the description automatically to people who don't own that calendar.

27. Why doesn't my event show a time?

Events that are set to "All Day" will not show a time. This option is great for things like holidays, birthdays, or other events that you typically don't need to display a time for.

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