Protecting your account

How can I protect my account?

In order to protect your account from misuse, do not share your user name and password with other people. Change your password regularly. Use a password that others will not be able to easily guess. Do not use passwords such as your birthday, pets name, family members names, birthdays or annivesaries. Your information is only as secure as your password, so make it something that other people can not easily figure out.

Do I have to check the remember password box on the home page?

No. We recommend you to check the "Remember Password Box" ONLY on your personal computer that is not shared by other people. We advise you not to use the "Remember Password Box" on computers that you do not control such as in Internet Cafe's, Business Centers, Airports, Libraries or other publicly accessible computers that may be used by other people.

Do you need my credit card information?

No, will NEVER ask you for your credit card or account information for any current service.

Reporting abuse:

To report misuse of your account or harrassment by other members, please email [email protected]

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